• How exciting!

    In english it means how exciting. Is that expression that you say when an important event is coming up, a new trip, a new adventure. Or when your best friend got that date, job opportunity or got engaged.

  • Why I used the expression?

    My best friend and roommate in college will say Que Emoción! often and it was always a happy expression, contagious. So it stuck among our group of friends to describe an exciting event or situation approaching.


Hola! I'm the dreamer behind this fun and thoughtful project. I pack all your orders myself, reply to emails and handle all the social media accounts.

Every order is special and received with the same excitement as the first one. Thank you for helping me spread happiness with every gift box.

Xoxo, Jess

  • During 2020 my niece’s sweet fifteen birthday in Puerto Rico got
    cancelled because of the covid-19 pandemic. I wanted to send her
    something that comforted her, and to celebrate her. So I started looking
    for options and only found around subscription boxes, and some of them
    let me send only 1 time gift box. But I couldn’t find a webpage that let
    me pick what I can put in the box, gifts that I knew will be special
    for her, or pack them in a thoughtful way for me and ship it! And this
    is why I created Que emocion!

What make us different?

We have a cause. Besides bringing happiness to every door with each box we send in the mail we also like to support small businesses.

Every time we can we buy from minority owned small business, usually made by hand or in small batches. A few of these brands are:

Alouthe - gourmet tea from Puerto Rico.

Canvas Fashion- handmade jewelry from Puerto Rico

Chubby Chico Charms - female owned jewelers based in New Hampshire.

Big Moods- sticker company from Sterling Heights, Michigan