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Now he can replicate fancy cocktails at home with this sweet handy gift box.
Box includes:
1 Starburst old fashioned whiskey glasses.
1 Tovolo sphere ice molds. Create spherical ice for a distinctive, unique look for your favorite cocktails. Globes chill drinks quickly without melting for a long-lasting drink. Comes with 2 molds.
1 package of sweet dehydrated orange slices to garnish.
1 box of cocktail picks in stainless steel. Reusable toothpicks to garnish cherries, cocktail onion, olives, appetizer, sandwiches.
They are 4.7 inches long and come with 5 different cool designs in the box.
1 reusable wooden box that can good to store watches, sunglasses, cuff links, you name it.
1 greeting card
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