How to create a great care package

How to create a great care package

How to create a great care package

Hi! I’m Jessica, the owner of Que emocion! ( translates to How Exciting! in English) and I am a gift giver. I’m also my mom’s personal shopper and consultant for every family gift on special occasions. Birthdays, graduations, mothers day, you name it, she will ask me what could be a good gift for ‘X’ person and I will proceed to research and purchase for her. I live in Maryland now, she is in Puerto Rico so the whole transaction is over the phone cause she is not internet savvy.

So what do I tell her is a good gift? well it depends on the person and their lifestyle. If you need help with purchasing a gift I have a great short form here that can help you: Customized gift box . In essence try to pick something that will make your loved one life easier, more fun or comfortable. Does the person like to travel? How about a clothing organizer for inside the luggage, or a fun luggage tag, or a passport holder. It doesn’t always have to be expensive, make it thoughtful and add confetti. It will be fabulous.

Birthday In a Box from Que Emocion!

But how did I got here? Well I received a lot of great feedback when I was in college and I will surprise my mother with gifts for her birthday or mothers’ day. She will love the way I present them. Then my oldest brother moved away to New York city and she will always want to get him a nice present for his birthday in which I will provide her feedback. I will also have long distance relationships in my college years and I will prepare this cool care packages so my boyfriend wouldn’t miss me or so that he will get to know my culture. I also loved to send postcards on my travels to friends back home.

One of the reasons my husband told me, he knew I was the one was because of a care package I sent to his mom when she had hip surgery. I didn’t knew her but I knew she was at the hospital and probably uncomfortable. I knew she will spent many days in bed recovering, so I sent her a night gown with buttons in the front for easy opening. A lip balm to hydrate the lips, a few healthy snacks to have by the night stand, and a word puzzle. I packed all this in a big box with printed flowers that she could reuse. I also made a snack box of treats for my boyfriend road trip. He is from Iowa and Iowans looooove to drive. 

Get Well Soon Box from Que Emocion!

I moved to the Washington DC area in 2009 from Puerto Rico and one of the ways I will try to be present for my family was to send them care packages with items they may not find easily in there, that it wasn’t the usual, so they will remember me in the distance every time they use this amazing cool gadget their sister or auntie sent them, aka me! If you read the about session you will know how this brought me to create this site. If not I invite you to get to know us here: ABOUT US .

These are my general guidelines to build a great care package:

  • A primary gift– this item will set the tone or theme of the package. It could be a pair of socks, a tumbler, a jewelry item, etc. Check options here: Build a box.
  • Complementary items– lets say you picked an insulated mug, a complimentary item will be a bag of tea or coffee, a cool stirrer, a coffee bag clip.
  • Include something that is a new experience for them. If you selected a bag of tea, how about a blooming tea flower? a coffee brand or flavor you think it will be new to them.
  • A snack– something to eat is always good.It could be a box of chocolates, gummies, their favorite cookie, etc.
  • A note– pick a greeting card or any piece of paper if you are not using our services and write them a note. Words from a loved one are always special.

If you want to see some of our clients boxes you can check our Instagram feed below and follow us there or on Facebook too @ queemocionshop.

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