About Que Emoción Gift Shop

We are an online gift shop that lets you create custom gift boxes and send them to anyone in the United States. Each box is assembled to your specifications, making each custom gift box unique.

Our platform gives you the opportunity to create personalized gifts for birthdays, engagements, holidays, to show appreciation, to motivate someone, and well for almost any occasion. Our business is female owned and empowered by women entrepreneurs and small businesses. Some of the items in our online store are made by artisans in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Our Vision:

Our vision is simple, to be a place where people can express their affection and bring joy to their loved ones regardless of where they are.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to create a space where each customer can create personalized gifts that reflect what they feel for their loved ones from the comfort of home, quickly and easily.

Meet Some of Our Artisans!!

One of our purposes from the start of this idea was to support small business, minority owned business, specially from Puerto Rico. We wanted to help their business grow despite the pandemic and, through our gift shop, help them reach more people in a unique way.

Canvas Fashion

Handmade accessories with the purpose of creating unique beauty.

Alou Thé

Alou Thé is a gourmet tea brand created to promote the culture of tea and a better quality of life.

Our History:

During 2020 my niece’s sweet fifteen birthday in Puerto Rico got cancelled because of the covid-19 pandemic. I wanted to send her something that comforted her, and to celebrate her. So I started looking for options and only found around subscription boxes, and some of them let me send only 1 time gift box. But I couldn’t find a webpage that let me pick what I can put in the box, gifts that I knew will be special for her, or pack them in a thoughtful way for me and ship it! And this is why I created Que emocion!

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